Marriage: 5 Major Things Women Want From Their Husbands

Marriage: 5 Major Things Women Want From Their Husbands

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The man of her dreams….

Women want a lot of things from the man in their lives but some things are just more important than others.  Many men are overwhelmed by list of things they think they have to be for their wives to be satisfied with them. Many of them even get the order of importance all wrong, so we find a lot of good-hearted, and willing husbands trying to satisfy or impress their wives with the wrong things.

Guys, women do like it when you’re strong, independent and capable. We like you looking handsome too and we don’t mind if you earn something substantial. But the things women cherish the most in their husbands can’t be supplied by a fat paycheck or some fancy after-shave.

No woman really wants her husband to be perfect but you can look into your inner lover and find these five major things women want from their husbands:



A woman wants to know that her husband loves her above anything else. Husbands, don’t keep your love for your wife a secret and don’t under-express it because if you do that you’re harming your marriage. To convince and reassure your wife (women need a lot of those two things) that you love her, tell her and show her with thoughtful actions regularly (many times daily is recommended).


To take love and marriage to next level from mere I love yous, you must learn how to be romantic. Romance keeps your marriage from getting stuck in routine and losing that original spark. Daily romantic gestures like a love note or text and regular romantic surprises always touch a woman’s heart.


A husband who has learnt to communicate with openness, confidence and sensitivity is a bid deal to his wife. A man who speaks honestly about his feelings and thoughts endears himself to his woman continuously. It sends a signal that he wants to be a part of her life as he wants her to be a part of his and that he wants the marriage to work.


A man with a forgiving heart is a strong and resilient man; any sensible wife will appreciate him. A husband who is willing to forgive his wife mistakes and errors shows that he truly accepts her for who she is. A forgiving husband is a mature one that one can build a family and a home with; he is a treasure to most women.


Flexibility and adaptability are important tools for life and happiness in general. Women want a companion who understands and has learnt this because people who find it hard to change where necessary are prone to becoming bitter and/or control freaks. Life won’t always go as planned; a man who embraces this truth will be cherished by a woman seeks a happy marriage and life.


Marriage has many highs but only naive women don’t factor in the lows too. Many a woman wants a man that they can partner with and rely on through this journey. A handsome face, a smooth tongue or a fact pocket can’t meet all the needs involved and wise women know that.