Five Ways A Man Should Respect His Wife

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How To Show Your Wife Respect

Everybody says that women need love, that is, they need to feel loved by having the men in their lives tell and show them how much they love them. This is the simple truth even when it comes to married couples. But love is not all that women need from their husbands; they also desire to be respected.

Husbands must understand that love for their wives is incomplete if they do not add respect to it. Women feel very reassured by a man who makes it a priority to honour and respect his wife. The combination of love and respect will make a happier wife and ultimately a stronger marriage.

A man can communicate respect to his wife in these five ways:


One way for husbands to show respect for their wives is by supporting their hopes and dreams. Showing interest in your wives interests and making a dreams a priority are a mark of respect for her as a person. It means you see her as important in her own right as a human being and consider her aspirations as valid.

Avoid Comparison

Whether it’s her physical attributes or other capabilities, husbands should not compare or be seen as comparing their wives to any other. When a man keeps his focus on his wife, he’s saying that he appreciates and considers her as enough.

Staring at random woman passing by with your wife present (or not) or constantly comparing other women’s physical attributes or abilities is not respectful to the wife you chose. Take note.


how to show your wife respect
how to show your wife respect

When a man allocates and makes how time to bond, communicate and plan with his wife, he is saying to her that she is very important to him. Attaching such importance to the company and companionship of your wife a mark of respect as against treat her or spending time with like an afterthought.

Offering Help

Irrespective of the roles and duties that have been lined out for each partner, helping or offering help your wife around the house or with other responsibilities is a mark of respect and appreciation. These simple things go a long way

Asking and Respecting Her Opinion

When a man regularly seeks his wife’s counsel and opinion on matters concerning him and others concerning their lives, he is communicating respect and honour.

Where she has certain personal decisions to  make, respecting those opinions, even when you disagree, is also a sign of respect.