Why You Should Want To Be Someone People Can Count On

Why You Should Want To Be Someone People Can Count On

faithfulness is a virtue
Why You Should Want To Be Someone People Can Count On

Faithfulness is a virtue…

“Good things come to people who are reliable”. That might sound nice but it’s not always true.

When you’re a steady and reliable person that people can count on you will get a lot of appreciation and good reports but there’s also a lot of bad experiences that such a good quality might attract. For one thing, there’ll be people in your life who will constantly want to dump their responsibilities on you just because they you’re not the person to just walk away. Another thing is that you might get a whole lot more requests and responsibilities than you can possibly cope with, simply because your reliability is tested and trusted and people would just rather get you to do stuff than look for new people to count on. People might also take you and your good deeds for granted, forgetting to show appreciation or offer help because they have come to believe that you’ll always be there, always available to be counted on.

However, it’s not all doom and gloom if you’re a trustworthy and reliability person; in spite of all under-appreciation and attempts to use you, there are still a lot of good things that come from being a person that people can count on. Let us share with you a few important ones;

1.  You get opportunities to do greater things- Once people can vouch for your reliability and ability to get things done, they will often recommend you for more prestigious and lucrative opportunities. This is because when people see how you can be trusted with little things, You will be the go-to person to entrust with greater things. So keep being your consistent, diligent self and you’re paving the way to your own greatness

2. When you are in trouble, people notice faster– many people who are in the habit of making excuses and shelving responsibilities may find that they do not get help quick enough when they are in trouble. This is because many think that their tales of trouble might just be another lie to get off but if you’re a person whom people know to do things in a consistent manner, they take quicker notice when you’re acting out of character. This means that you might get support or help faster as people will reach out to find out what’s wrong and lend a hand to get you back on track.

3. When you leave, people actually miss you- if you  area solid, dependable person who does things right, people feel the gap of your contribution when you leave; they will truly miss you. When you leave a legacy of faithfulness, people will have fond memories of you, whether it’s on the job, in your neighbourhood or even in relationships that didn’t work out. It would be better if they let you know while you were around but even if they don’t, know you will be missed and appreciated.

4. People will be proud to associate with you- people are always happy to be associated with people who do a good job, who don’t let others down habitually, who can really be counted on. Your loved ones and close friends will always be proud to mention your name to someone you worked with before or who once knew you, because they feel confident that they’ll get good feed back about your character. This is priceless

5. You will have satisfaction- When you do things well, you live with a clear conscience and this is something to desire whether people see your value or not. When you are faithful and consistent in your dealings you will have no need to look over your shoulders, wondering what people will say. You are assured in yourself that you do your best and no external compliments can give you the kind of validation that this kind of inner witness produces.


Keep being your faithful self, it’s worth it and if you’re not yet there, strive to be that person, it is worth it.