Stroke; Causes, Symptoms, And Prevention


– Symptoms to know that an individual has a stroke.

– The risk factors or causes of strokes.

A stroke is a dangerous condition, it is a sudden attack of any disease, especially when fatal. That is to say that before an individual will suffer from a stroke, he or she might have had a disease that poses a threat to the health.

A stroke does not just occur, it happens as a result of an underlying sickness that the individual has been nursing for some time.

It is also the loss of brain function or the inability of the brain to function effectively which arises when the blood supply to the brain is abruptly cut off.

An interruption or reduction in the supply of blood to the brain and other appropriate quarters can lead to a stroke, this is a major cause.

Deprivation of essential nutrients and oxygen in the brain can also cause it.

The symptoms of strokes include the following;

1. Loss of balance, the person might not be able to stand properly, he will lose the coordination of the body.

Symptoms of strokes.

2. The person might also experience difficulty in speaking, there will the loss of fluency in speech.
3. Paralysis os the arm, face or leg can also occur.
4. Numbness on one side of the body is also another symptom.
5. Partial blindness can also occur.
6. Also, when the individual makes an attempt to speak, he might be drooping.

There are ways by which we can prevent strokes, some of these are;

  • Eating a balanced diet, this is vital to the health.
  • Visit the hospital for constant medical check-up.
  • Manage and control your blood pressure.
  • Also, you need to exercise your body regularly.
  • It is also important that you stay away from smoking, drinking alcohol and taking hard drugs.
  • Also, if you have diabetes, treat it and put it under control.

However as soon as an individual notices the symptoms of stroke, it is necessary that you go to a hospital for proper diagnosis and treatment.