The Major Causes And Symptoms Of Infant Brain Damage


– How to overcome brain damage in infants.

– Some signals that show that an infant has a damage in the brain.

A brain damage is not a minor condition, it is a serious condition that requires serious attention.

A brain damage refers to an impairment in the brain, it is an injury or harm that occurs to the brain. It is also a situation in which the brain is bot intact.

However, Infant brain damage as the name suggests affects children babies or infants. It is a situation whereby there is an injury in the brain or when the brain has been impaired due to many reasons.

This condition affects a lot of babies each year. Also, there are many things that can cause this damage in the brain, some of the causes include the following;

1. One of the leading causes of Infant brain damage according to the Brain Injury Association of America (BIA) and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), is traumatic brain injuries.

Traumatic brain injuries can cause permanent disabilities or death in infants and children.

2. Another cause for the damage includes oxygen deprivation, in babies.

3. Infant jaundice can also cause it.

Infant brain damage.

4. Also, brain damage can happen either from blunt force trauma to the infant’s head.

5. The physical trauma suffered during labor and delivery, especially during a long labor where the brain is compressed in the birth canal for too long, the damage can occur.

To understand infant brain damage, it is important to know the causes of the damage and to also identify the symptoms that accompany it. The following are the major symptoms of brain damage in infants;

  • High fever.
  • Abnormal Temperament
  • High-pitched crying and this is often, that is, the baby cries constantly.
  • Lack of appetite or an impaired ability to suck or feed.
  • Seizures
  • Neck stiffness and backward arching of the neck and body.
  • Vomiting
  • Physical Trauma
  • Abnormally large forehead
  • Distorted facial features, etc.

The major way to treat this condition is by visiting the hospital to consul a medical doctor. Seek proper medical attention as soon as you notice any sign or symptom that relates to brain damage in infants.