A Stroke: An Overview

A Stroke

– What is stroke and how does it occur?

– Some important information that you need to know about stroke.

When a stroke plagues a person, it is often fatal, it entails the limbs, hands and some other parts of a person being incapacitated.

In medical terms, stroke involves the loss of brain function. This arises when the supply of blood to the brain is abruptly cut or suddenly interrupted.

Fatal accidents, injuries to the head and head trauma can lead to loss of blood supply to the brain which will, in turn, cause stroke to occur.

Also, a stroke might be an attack from a disease, it is a sudden and severe brain breakdown. This is why we also refer to stroke as brain attack or cerebral infarction.

When an infarction occurs, it means that there is an area of dead tissue. This is often as a result of a loss of blood supply.

When a stroke occurs, it can cause other complications which can also be severe. For instance, stroke can cause disability of the body, especially the legs and hands. This is why people that suffer from this condition are unable to walk or use their hands, they normally sit in wheelchairs.

A stroke

This condition can also lead to death. Quite a large number of people have died as a result of stroke, this is how fatal it is. If the loss of blood supply is for a long-term, the death of the individual is inevitable.

When there is a loss of blood supply to the brain or when there is a blockage, a hindrance or an interruption in the supply of blood to the brain, this condition can occur.

Also, there are two major divisions of a stroke, the ischemic stroke, and the hemorrhagic stroke. When the ischemic occurs, it is as a result of a blockage in the brain artery.

Hemorrhagic stroke is as a result of a rupture in the arteries or a leakage in the arteries.

Body health is important, go for constant checkups to avoid a sudden attack of this sort. Physical examination, as well as neurological examination, are some of the ways that doctors diagnose stroke.

Apart from the brain, other parts of the body need a steady supply of blood, this helps in a long way to ensure optimal body health.