Health benefits of Moringa Leaves


– How moringa benefit the health

– Why taking moringa leaves is beneficial to the health.

Moringa is a tree botanically known as ‘Genus Moringa’. This tree grows in the tropical and subtropical India and Africa.

There are many benefits of consuming this plant. Many parts of moringa tree are also of benefit to the health. There are diverse health potencies of moringa that we should not overlook. The nutritional package of moringa also contributes to its benefits.

Moringa leaves contain vitamin A, C, and E, calcium, potassium, protein, minerals, antioxidants, flavonoids and some other essential nutrients.

Moringa leaves.

There are many ways you can consume moringa leaves, you can eat this leaves raw, you can also use it in the preparation of tea, and you can also boil the leaves and drink the extract.

Another way to consume these leaves is by adding them as a spice to meals. Here are some of the amazing health benefits of taking moringa leaves;

  1. Due to the content of antioxidants and flavonoids present in moringa leaf, taking this leaf help us in fighting off free radicals in the body such as cancer. They also help to combat molecules that cause cell damage or degeneration. Also, taking moringa leaves aid cardiovascular health.
  2. Also, taking the extract from moringa leaves help in maintaining a good level of blood as well as blood pressure in the body. It also helps to improve good cholesterol thereby aiding heart health.

Moringa extract is also very effective in reducing the development of pulmonary hypertension.

  1. Moringa contains anti-inflammatory properties and this makes the extract an effective remedy for inflammation. So, taking moringa leaves or its extract help to suppress inflammation in the body.
  2. Isothiocyanate, a property in Moringa is very effective in the treatment of abdominal disorders such as constipation, gastritis and the likes.

This makes moringa a natural remedy for stomach disorders.

  1. Taking moringa is also beneficial to the heart, it aids heart health.