Parenting plays a big role in how kids will eventually turn out. Although most parents desire to see their children become successful, a good number of them are not doing the right things that will actually help their children to become successful in life.

Here are some parenting habits that can make children successful:


Love is a force that builds confidence; the love and affirmation of a parent in nurturing, supporting, correcting and forgiving a child is propelling force for success.

When children receive unconditional love from their parents, they develop a tenacity and belief that anything is possible that mistakes and negativity from others cannot overcome

Quality Time

Children need their parents to spend quality time with them especially during their tender and growing years.

Parents who not only take care to spend time with their children but also make sure that they are intentional about environment, activities and interactions in a way that is stimulating and engaging are building the character of their children and preparing them for success

Social Intelligence

Parents who take time to develop and guide the social intelligence and skills of their children are equipping them for success.

Parents should help their children learn empathy, co-operation and how to discern appropriate response in different social settings.


According to research, children who are given chores from an early age develop a sense of responsibility early in life. Responsibility is an important ingredient for attaining and maintaining success in life.

Giving your children chores can help to build their character, discipline and accountability. Completing these tasks daily also give them a sense of fulfilment that external reward cannot replace.

The Room to fail

Parents are not there to eliminate risk or failure in their children’s lives; they may only help to manage and minimize failure.

Parents must cultivate the habit and ability of giving their children room to try and fail at a number of things. This is because failure helps us learn and help us become stronger; this is why it is an intrinsic part of success in life.

Trying to help children with everything or preventing any form of failure interferes with their acquisition of character and competence.

High expectations

Having realistic but high expectations for your children is important in giving them the right picture of themselves. Children often rise to the expectations set for them especially by their parents; your expectations will reflect in your words, the opportunities you provide them and your support for them even when they fail.

Communicate high expectations to your children in their conduct, academics, and how far they can go in life; it is an affirmation that they will want to prove right.