Parents Ways You Are Raising A Spoilt Brat

Parents Ways You Are Raising A Spoilt Brat

Parents Ways You Are Raising A Spoilt Brat

A spoilt brat is not a blessing to anyone; not him/herself, not the parents, not anyone else. Parents, you are not doing children any good if your parenting is making them a menace to society instead of building them up future leaders.

However, the truth is that a lot of parents are not even aware that they may spoiling their kids and encouraging bad behaviour.

In case you are one of those, here are five things you may be doing that aren’t good for your kids at all:

Too Much Help

Too much help from you and honestly your kids will become lazy brats who think the world is supposed to be at their beck and call.

This is not the real world is like and you won’t always be around always or be alive forever. It is better to raise them to responsible and self-sufficient.

Shielding From Conflicts

You can’t always protect your kids from conflicts or confrontations; if you do it too much, you are starting something you won’t be able to finish.

While you shouldn’t expose your children to trauma, you need to let them deal with certain confrontations so that they can understand themselves and others better.

They will go out into the real world someday, they need to learn how to relate with people.

Giving Reward For Everything

Kids imbibe lessons from things that happen repetitively and this is why you have to be careful about routines.

Every task they complete does not need to be rewarded; that is not how life works.

You may reward them for good behaviour but not all the time. You should make sure that you explain why so they don’t come to expect a reward every time they eat their meal or observe siesta.

Taking Sides Automatically

That you care for your child does not mean that you should automatically take their side when they complain about their peers or someone in authority like their teacher.

Allow them to explain their side of the story but don’t tolerate them bashing people especially those with authority over them because they begin to believe that question or disregard anyone. Be objective about events and when they are wrong, don’t take sides with bad behaviour. When they have a point, do speak up for them still letting know that people (whether is authority or not) deserve to be respected.

Refusing To Correct Bad Behaviour

Correction is major part how you train and guide children; if you refuse to correct them, then you are building up to live up their full potential. They will believe that can get away with any and when they face the real world, they will be badly burnt.