5 secrets to make him crazy for you

5 secrets to make him crazy for you5-secrets-to-make-him-crazy-for-you
The woman should observe what her spouse likes and seek a consensus with her own tastes to build a relationship satisfactory to both. In that sense, let’s think of some woman’s attitudes to keep interesting for her husband.

1. Show interest
Many women feel withdrawn in expressing sexual desire, however, it is very healthy to get rid of prejudices and manifest ones own desires. A common complaint of husbands is that wives never seek them for sex and often make excuses when they seek them. It is important to emphasize that a healthy relationship is necessarily shared by both.

2. Look after the appearance
Many women neglect themselves over time, this is a big mistake. A woman needs to keep herself neat, healthy, decked out to her liking even to keep her self-esteem high. And it does not cost anything to please the eyes of those you love, does it?

3. Do not underestimate yourself
Insecurity of the type “I’m overweight” or “I do not like my body” when overkill can greatly harm the sex life. The woman needs to appreciate and never despise herself. A good tip is to highlight what you like about yourself and draw their attention to it. Think about it: if you do not even find yourself interesting, how do you want your husband to want it?

4. Try to please
Observing what pleases the man you love is very helpful to art of pleasing and extremely pleasurable to both. Take care of the details, notice and intensify his pleasure starting with small pleasures, attention and affection throughout the day. This is a great weapon of seduction. A loving woman is always very interesting to her husband.

5. Give yourself body and soul
Since it does not violate moral and ethical principles, nothing should stop the woman in the moment of surrendering herself to the man she loves. Let your feelings flow and free yourself from unwelcome thoughts, negative emotions or any hassle. The moment is to be lived and, mainly, shared.