-Bisi Adewale

Is it really true that you want a MARRIAGE WITHOUT SORROW? If yes then without mincing word, I will tell you the name of those people you must never marry if your desire is not to later in life. They are:

  • An Unbeliever

“Therefore, take careful heed to yourself that you love the Lord your God.

God CAN NEVER choose an unbeliever for you as your partner, somebody that did not acknowledge Christ will definitely give you crisis. The Bile says if you marry them they will be:

– SNARE to you. To hold you for the devil to destroy you.

– TRAPS on your path. To prevent you from reaching your goal in life and from making heaven.

– SCOURGES on your sides. To give you punishment both within and without, to give you, physical battering, mental torture, spiritual attract, emotional dominations, and psychological assault.

-Thorns in your eyes. To give you eternal pains, to destroy your vision, to pluck out your inner eyes and to destroy your spiritual antenna.

Remember that is was Delilah, an unbeliever (a philistine) that destroys the life of Samson.

Remember that it was women from strange land that destroyed Solomon. It was a man from another land (unbeliever) that destroyed, Dinah and removed her glory (Genesis 34)

It is not plan of God for you to marry an unbeliever; God can NEVER choose a Muslim for a born again Christian, stop deceiving yourself.

If you are reading this article and you are a Muslim, please give your life to Jesus and become a child of God, because you are not known to God now, come back home and embrace God and leave that path of destruction which you are, as there is no other name whereby you might be saved apart from the name of Jesus.

My Christian brothers and sisters, you are only permitted to marry a born again Christian, NEVER marry somebody with the mind of converting him or her, are you a “CONVERTER?” You cannot convert anybody. It is Holy Spirit that can convince and convert; it is not your duty. That unbeliever may look harmless and gentle now, don’t be deceived, a sleeping snake is still a snake, it will soon wake up to bite. BE WISE! if you are engaged to an unbeliever you are not yet ENGAGED you are ENCAGED. NEVER MARRY AN UNBELIEVER.

  • A married man/woman

 God can never lead you to a married man or woman. Anybody that is married is yoked to his/her partner in as much as the partner is still alive. Hence, never plan of becoming somebody’s second wife. It is unscriptural, do not go and destroy somebody’s home, wait for your time and your man. “A wife (husband) is bound by law as long as her (his) husband (wife) lives…..(1 Cor. 7:39)

  • A Divorcee

 You are not permitted to marry a divorcee, God hates divorce (Mal. 2:14-16), He did not want people to divorce their partner, that peradventures there is anybody that divorcées his/her partner, that kind of person must NOT re-marry. (1 Cor. 7:27, 1 Cor. 7:10-11). Anybody that goes ahead to marry a divorcee is committing adultery (Matt 19:9)

  • An Unregenerate Christian

An unregenerate Christian is an unbeliever; you are not supposed to marry them. Anybody that calls himself a Christian, but has not given his life to Christ, should not be your marriage partner, if you do not want to lead yourself into trouble. Any Christian that drinks, fornicate, tell lies, lust, fight, abort, bear malice, harbor hatred, etc should not be your own marital partner if you must enjoy your tomorrow.

  • Young Convert

“He must not be a recent covert or he may become conceited and fall under the same judgment as the devil. (1 Timothy 3:6 NIV). You are not expected to marry a young convert; a young convert is still a babe in the Lord, he/she needs to focus spiritual growth now not marriage, he/she is yet to know the basic principles of the scripture as it concerns marriage, he/she is yet to be taught the church doctrine as regards marriage. Above all he/she is yet to know how to pray and head God. Hence it will be dangerous introducing them to marriage now. Leave a young convert alone; let them grow in the Lord before you talk about marriage to them. Let young convert attend new convert class and be given lectures about sanctification, discipline, prayer, Holiness Holy spirit, etc. let them grow into maturity, before thinking about marriage.

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