5 Ways On How To Ease Food Digestion

5 Ways On How To Ease Food Digestion

Digestion is said to be your body’s process of breaking down food into smaller bits to help it take better advantage of the energy and nutrients in it. It can also be a simple bodily function that can sometimes feel too complicated and uncomfortable. When food does not digest properly, it could result in you feeling bloated or having stomach pain. Today, we have some easy ways through which you could ease food digestion.

ease food digestion

1. Drink Liquids
Drinking fluids like tea or water during or after a meal could help ease digestion. Staying hydrated helps your body maintain its saliva levels and fluid in your stomach. water is also important to your body’s application of dietary fibre, which promotes digestion.

2. Avoid Fatty Foods
Foods with high fat content can result in acid reflux and heartburn because the stomach has trouble breaking them down. Consumption of foods like ice cream, cheese and processed meats should be avoided or at best minimised. Instead, opt for whole foods like pasta, beans, nuts and seeds. also go for fruits and vegetables.

3. Chew Well
Chewing your food well helps jump-start your digestive process. When you chew your food well, You increase the surface area, allowing your digestive enzymes access more of the food eaten. Doing this is a step towards a smooth and efficient digestion.

4. Take Digestive Enzyme Supplements
Taking enzyme supplements aids digestion since it increases the amount of digestive elements in your body. This helps increase the speed of digestion of food in the body. examples of digestive enzymes you could take include Lipase, Lactase, Papain etc.

5. Exercise Regularly
Exercising regularly aids digestion as it helps in moving food through the digestive system faster. Exercise can help prevent constipation by cutting down on the time foo spends in the large intestine. continuous movement also stimulates the contractions of muscles in your digestive tract, easing food digestion.