Foods You Shouldn’t Take When On Your Period

A menstrual period can be very painful for some ladies. It is in your period that you probably want to eat more of the foods you should avoid. If you really want those annoying cramps and bloating to go away, here is a list of foods you should avoid:

1. Salt

Salt and other foods that generally cause bloating should be avoided because you have hormones acting in that capacity already. Some of the hormones that act during menstruation cause water retention, therefore bloating. Carbonated beverages, frozen dinners, fast foods, bacon, canned soups, sodas and other foods with high salt content can cause you to bloat. Eating these foods will further increase the level of bloating and cause you discomfort.

2. Fat foods

Fat foods

Foods that high in fat like red meat can actually cause you to feel worse during your period and can result in acne, cramping and even bloating. Foods that are high in fat have much more effect on the hormones produced by your body. Apart from red meat, other foods you should steer clear of when on your period include burgers and whole-milk dairy products.

3. Refined grains

Refined grains have been discovered to contribute to bloating while whole grains will help your digestive system regulate normally. With white rice, flour and white bread, you don’t derive any nutrients from consuming them.

4. Taking Random Foods When You’re Starving

Stop eating anything and everything

Try as much as possible not to wait until you starve before you eat. If you wait until you’re hungry before eating, you tend to feel full very faster which can make you feel uncomfortable. Also, by doing so, you’re depriving your body of the nutrients it needs at a particular time of the day. Cultivate the habit of eating smaller meals frequently during menstruation. This will make you stay satiated and reduce cramping.

5. Alcohol

If you take alcohol when on your period, you probably know that it makes the cramps go away. What you may not know is that it can cause your menstrual cycles to be irregular, and also increases your level of estrogen. As a result of the diuretic nature of alcohol, it can cause you to retain water. It is advisable that you take only a serving of alcohol per day while when on your period.

6. High Carbohydrate Meals

These types of foods make you feel more tired and irritable than you already are during your period. Include more of vegetables and fruits like oranges


to your diet, they will help to reduce the symptoms of your period.

Taking a balanced diet will help you to have a smooth period while you’re at it and also reduce cramping and bloating.