Social Media Etiquette For Couples

Social Media Etiquette For Couples

When you are in a happy relationship, flaunting it seems like the natural reaction.  So we spread the love on our Instagram feed, Twitter timeline and on Snapchat. However,doing this without  coming to an agreement with your partner can  cause conflict over your different notions of privacy.

In order to prevent your activities on social media  from becoming a source of constant fights and worry, we present some ground rules to follow in your use of social media.

Restrict the flow of information

For couples who are very active on social media, less is always more. There is no need to constantly update your feed with what you and your significant other are doing at every waking moment.

When it comes to disagreements, social media can prove to be a very potent tool. It is very easy to reach for your phone and pour out your heart to your followers and friends. Even if you might feel a release of tension after your action, the consequences are far reaching.

A woman crying down at her phone

When you and your partner have a fight, make a conscious effort not to put it on social media. Instead try and call your partner over the phone to resolve the issue or arrange a meeting to trash things out. Venting on social media is a sign of immaturity which you would regret when the dust settles down.

Keep intimate moments private

The lovely moments captured in the most vulnerable periods  of a relationship are the most treasured memories. While a picture of your partner barely dressed might prove a heartwarming sight that melts your insides, there is no need to  let the whole world in .

Before you put up a picture where your partner is in a delicate position or a video showing an intimate moment, be sure to discuss it with your partner.

Maintain your personal space online

Getting introduced to the friends of your  partner is a very nice thing. It shows that they are proud to show you off. It can however become too much to handle when you invade their circle of friends online and try to  connect with them and  follow the conversations or discussions.

Respect and trust your partner enough to allow them the freedom to  explore their own relationships online without having to constantly  look over their shoulders because of your attempts to censor.