7 Insensitive Questions You should Stop Asking People in Public

7 Insensitive Questions You should Stop Asking People in Public

People have complained over and over again about the insulting, intrusive and offensive nature of some of these questions both we just can’t seem to stop asking them. Sometimes we have felt the pain when we were at the receiving end of these questions but somehow we just don’t seem to know that nobody likes to be the object of these questions.

Some questions we are not supposed to ask even our best friends and loved ones, so how do we think it’s okay to ask these personal questions from people like our acquaintances, colleagues, and neighbours. The worst part is when we have no qualms asking these questions in public.

Just in case you didn’t know, here are questions you shouldn’t ask people in public:

You are not married yet? Why?

Asking this question in a public gathering is nothing short of mean because it puts the recipient on the spot, embarrasses them and gives the impression that something is wrong with them.

If you must ask such a question, do it private and make sure such a person is really close to you; don’t go around barging into people’s business in the name of being concerned. Also, you should know that being older or elderly is not enough reason to behave in an insensitive way.

Stop probing into people’s marriage plans and marital status in public; if they decide to be rude to it, you might not be able to handle.

When are you having kids?

Do you know if they are trying to and are already under so much pressure trying to conceive?

Again, you might say you’re concerned but it is better if you turn your concerns into prayers or meaningful offers of help, instead of asking insensitive and embarrassing questions?

What are you doing about your weight?

Are you for real? You think that asking about what they are doing to lose (or gain) weight is a nice way to make conversation or sign that you care.

Just know that whenever you ask that question, you’re embarrassing that person and he/she is probably cursing you inside.  And to do it publicly is just unbelievable crass. Please desist from that behaviour!

Why haven’t you had another child?

It is not a good question to ask people publicly or even privately (unless you’re the nosy mother-in-law they have to put up with).

It might open up wounds that you’ll regret opening. Be wise and sensitive.

Why did you guys break up?

What is your business? Is there something you can do or want to do about it/

If you really look deep down, you’ll see that you’re just being a busy body who wants to hear some gossip. Mind your business!

How much do you earn?

Do you really expect them to answer that question? In public? You must be a joker if you believe you have the right to get an answer for such a question.

Are you their banker, spouse, confidant? If the answer is no, then stop asking such a silly question?

How much did you buy your dress?

You cannot ask this kind of question in public because the person involved may not want everyone around to know the price of the dress (it may look more expensive than it is).

Even if you ask in private, you may not get the answer you are looking for because not everyone feels comfortable disclosing the price of what they are wearing.