6 Ways To Prevent Food Poisoning

6 Ways On How To Prevent Food Poisoning

Food Poisoning is an illness resulting from bacteria or toxins in food. It usually results in vomiting, diarrhea, nausea and weakness. Today we have for you some ways through which you could prevent food poisoning.

Prevent food poisoning

Anyone who’s ever fallen victim to food poisoning would testify to its unpleasantness. While most people assume food poisoning can only be contracted from restaurants and fast food joints, you are just as likely to contract it from food prepared at home. Follow these tips to reduce your risk of contracting food poisoning at home.

1. Wash Hands Well
Washing your hands thoroughly and frequently could greatly reduce your risk of falling victim to food poisoning. By washing hands, you’re removing accumulated bacteria from its surface. Ensure you wash and dry your hands before and after handling raw foods. You should also wash your hands, preferably with soap after using the toilet, touching waste baskets, blowing your nose or touching animals.

2. Wash Worktops And Dishcloths.
Ideally, worktops should be thoroughly washed before and after preparing food, especially when touched by raw meat, eggs, fish and vegetables. Your dishcloths and rags should also be washed and dried regularly. Germs and bacteria thrive in dirty, damp washcloths so this should be prevented.

3. Put Leftovers In The Fridge ASAP.
If you have leftover foods that you still have plans for, ensure you freeze them as soon as possible. This prevents bacteria from developing when the food remains at room temperature for too long. Leftovers should also be consumed within 2-3 days.

4. Keep And Store Raw Meat Separately.
Raw meat should be kept away from other ready to eat foods like salads, fruits and bread. This is due to the fact that these foods are not cooked before consumption, meaning any bacteria that develops on them will not be killed. In addition, raw meat should be stored in the bottom shelves of fridges to prevent dripping onto other foods.

5. Cook Food Properly.
When cooking food, ensure it is properly steamed and cooked all through. By cooking raw chicken properly, you eliminate all traces of the Campylobacter bacteria.

6. Keep Fridges Cold.
Keeping fridges cool, preferably below 5C is also important as this aids in preventing the growth of poisonous germs and bacteria.