3 Ways To Promote Healthy Eating For Kids

3 Ways To Promote Healthy Eating For Kids

Child obesity  has transformed from an issue tucked away in the  back pages of health magazines.It has  become a major issue for parents and medical professionals. This trend is not helped by the constant release of child friendly food products by brands.  These products reveal themselves to be full of sugar and flavors but with little nutritional benefit.

If you are a parent or a child care professional  trying to stop the rot, we  look at four fun ways to set your child down the path of  healthy eating and indeed living.

It starts with you

A father and daughter enjoying fruits

Most adults never factor themselves in when considering the health of their children. The truth is your children look up to you in most areas. It becomes easy for them to follow your instructions when they see you do the same thing repeatedly.

You have to walk the talk by cutting down on processed food and  joining your kids in the health friendly replacements.

It involves them
Giving your kids a sense of ownership over the plan to change the diet is a sure way to keep them interested. Instead of just banning certain foods and treats, sit them down and explain why you have to ban them.

Once this is out-of-the-way, ask them to suggest more healthy alternatives they would like to try. You can take it a step further and have them work with you in the kitchen as you come up with new favorites. The results might be very messy but you can be sure that there will be no complaints over the end result.

It goes beyond the home
While you may be able to control what your children eat at home, you are often powerless once they get outside. As much as you can, try to ensure that similar standards are followed outside the home.  For schools, this can be done by ensuring that the lunch provided by the school is healthy. You can also prevail on the school management by working with other parents to restrict access to fatty snacks and sugary drinks.