Fathers, Five Ways to Get Closer to Your Young Kids

Fathers, Five Ways to Get Closer to Your Young Kids

Fathers are an important part of every child’s life but the prevalent story is that mothers seem to be closer to the children than fathers are.

Many fathers give the excuse of being too busy or not having enough time to be spend time with the children as the excuse for not being as close to their children as they could be.

The truth is that time spent to strengthen a relationship and bring closeness is not about quantity but about quality. Many fathers are missing out on so many things that can be done to get to know their children better and stay close to them especially when they are still very young.

Here are some ways to strengthen father-children relationships:

Mind the kids regularly

Many fathers shy away from those times when the moms are away and someone is needed to watch the kids. They usually let someone else like an aunt, grandparent or babysitter take on this task, not knowing that they are missing an opportunity to get to know their children better.

Fathers should embrace all the noise, tantrums, drama that comes with minding the children because in the midst of all that chaos, their relationship with the children is being built.

To get closer to their children they should volunteer for this task regular because waiting till the kids are bit older and less messy is making the possibility of a close relationship harder.

Help with homework

One of the simple but easy ways to get to your children and help them to also know their fathers, is to help them with homework and projects regularly.

In the midst of the teaching, guiding and collaboration is an opportunity for a closer relationship. Fathers should learn to forbear and overcome the impatience they may feel; everyone feel it too.

Take the kids out alone

Fathers should offer more to take the children to those parties, recital, practice,outdoor events or whatever outing all by themselves. Many times, having a mother or help that the children see more often and more familiar with becomes a barrier for fathers to interact with the children.

Being in a situation where they are the only ones available to help the kids, hear their complaints, demands, achievements and joys creates an opportunity to bond and become closer. Fathers should do this more often.

Take the children along for your personal time-out

Whether it’s for golf, a basketball game with friends or any other hobby, errand or activity, fathers should learn to take their children along as long as it’s safe to do so.

While it may be something that will be done all the time, sacrificing and sharing that time alone or time with the friends with the children, once in a while is a good to reveal oneself to them and bond with them better.

Take them to work with you

While this may not be possible for all fathers, but for those who can bring kids to their workplace or work space, this is worth the try. Bringing your kids along on that weekend when you have some things to do at the office or whenever you can helps them see another side to you.

They may see things and ask questions that help them understand you better and as this process unfolds, a new form of bonding takes place.