Sorry! 9 Signs Your Husband Is NOT Romantic

Sorry! 9 Signs Your Husband Is NOT Romantic

Sorry! 9 Signs Your Husband Is NOT Romantic couple

Being romantic is more that opening the door of a car, getting you bunch of roses or flirting in public. There are some little things that might portray huge romance that you can only find in romantic husbands.

Your husband might buy you roses always and flirt with you in public but don’t be disappointed if he forgets your wedding anniversary, inadvertently compliments his female friend or does something really unromantic.

The man you thought you had pretty much known before you married emerges differently with time. Just give him signals to get him into the mood. What do you get? He only throws it back to you like the most unromantic man. Then there’s more:

Forgetting your birthday

Your birthday is one of the most important days to you and expects your husband to treat it equally important. Most men can forget their wife’s birthday. It is one of the most unpardonable things to do. Forgetting your birthday makes you think you matter the least. Women can take such issues pretty seriously. Something as simple as marking your birthday on the calendar or emailers can help him remember it well. An expensive gift is not always necessary, but to hear him greet you on your special day can make a lot of difference.

Asking you what you want for your birthday

Forgetting your birthday is one thing, but asking you what gift you wish for can make it rather unromantic. To have a surprise in waiting for you is one of the cutest things he can do. When your husband asks what you wish for, it sounds like he wants to play it safe. He’d rather know your likes and dislikes and plan to surprise you accordingly. Let him be adventurous. That’s the key to keeping the romance alive.

Playing music that does not suit you

You may not like the music that he plays. It’s okay for him to hum those tunes or program them to replay mode when you are not around. But when you are pretty much there, he should play what suits you and the mood. Sticking to his own kind of music shows that he cares the least about your choice.

Looking disinterested in front of your friends

Your husband may look like he is not interested in you at all, when you are with your friends or family. He would not understand that he is hurting you by being untouched. He is degrading you in front of a bunch of people. Give him a good lecture once you get home.

Not giving you your space

If your husband is one of those kinds who meddles in your girly talks with your friends, it can pretty much put you off. It just goes on to show that he wants to have a say in the realm of where he literally has no entry. Unwelcome comments or suggestions make it worth an embarrassment, so you don’t want him to participate when there is no need to. There is nothing romantic about joining a team of women.

Not participating in the activities that you wish to do

Adventure sports, hike, long drive, an all-night dance party, a shopping spree or a simple candle-light dinner at home. If he can’t participate in little activities that bring you a sense of togetherness, you could as well be offended. You certainly don’t want your husband to be a party-pooper or the type who sulks indoors.

When your outings turn silent

You both go out together but there is nothing to talk. He doesn’t appreciate the lonely time he got to spend with you. Instead, he is worried about going back to his work. Take a lead, and make him realize how nice it could be if he were a little romantic.

An absolute workaholic

Ask your man to think besides work, at least sometimes. While he could be immersed in work and not understand that he is not giving you much time, you should take the onus! Either ask him to keep work off home limits or set stronger rules!

Always glued to laptop and mobile

Yes, ask him to get over these addictions. Or better still, ignore him and do the same. He might just learn the lesson, thanks to the bitter pill.

It is not necessary that your husband should always take the first step. You do it and show him how he can make things more interesting in your marriage. He will definitely take a cue from you.