Ladies! 8 Foods To Combat Fertility Issues

Ladies! 8 Foods To Combat Fertility Issues

Beans: Ladies! 8 Foods To Combat Fertility Issues

There are some foods that can help women to easily conceive, these foods does more that just combat fertility issues, they’re very essential to the wellbeing of every woman.


Plant protein is very good to help you maintain a balanced diet. Eating right and eating well balanced meals with high nutritional value could help you with conceiving your precious baby. Beans are rich in plant protein. There are all sorts of beans ranging from the brown beans cow-pea, white beans and black beans. Eat beans to promote fertility.

Whole Milk

Whole milk is also a god source of protein which you can incorporate into your diet. A friend of mine claims that Ice-cream contains whole milk; she downloads at least 3 cups daily. Please do not engage in such. You can have a small cup of Ice-cream but not 3 large cups. That is counterproductive.


Eat Shell fish to get the required vitamin B12 and fatty acids which helps in fertilization. Some examples are Crustaceans like Crabs, Lobsters, Shrimps/ prawns.You can also eat oysters.


Salmon fish is not only Yummy but as well a healthy source of Omega 3 fatty acidsyou’re your hormones.

Complex carbs

Wheat is a type of complex carbohydrate which takes longer to digest. It is said that high insulin levels can affect hormones for pregnancy. Hence, it is good to keep it stable by eating complex carbohydrates. Also, it is low in calorie versus refined carbohydrates. So, eat high fibre and complex carbohydrates like Brown rice or Wheat bread. You can check this with your doctor.

Leafy Greens

Eat green vegetables; they are your best friends. Vegetables are high in essential vitamins and minerals for your organs and body.We have a lot of vegetables in Africa. Pumpkin leaves (popularly Known as Ugwu), Ewedu, Spinach, broccoli are just few examples of vegetables you should add to your diet. A lady once told me: But I eat vegetable soup nau! I simply told her “Is it the one you overcooked?” Then she went silent deep in her thoughts. When you want to eat vegetables, try not to overcook them. Short steaming is fine.

Olive Oil

Try to cook with Olive Oil which will also help your insulin levels. Olive Oil has special benefits so tap into it quick.


You better start going bananas for this high potassium food. Potassium is one of the essential minerals that help regulate the body. If your potassium levels are low, your body will be weak and you may experience nausea.