Ladies: 5 Major Signs Your Boyfriend is Jealous and Possessive

Ladies: 5 Major Signs Your Boyfriend is Jealous and Possessive

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Maybe you’re not sure; there are few things your boyfriend does that makes him come off as jealous and overly possessive but just as you’re about to draw that conclusion, you begin to wonder if you’re not not reading too much meaning into his behaviour.

While jealousy and possessive are not always a bad thing in a relationship; some times they are even cute. But the line is crossed when it moves from being a sign of love or a indication of your partner discomfort some inappropriate behaviour between you and someone else to a tool of dominance and control that your partner is trying to wield against you.

Some times it’s not easy to discern between what is just a momentary act-up and what is a major red flag.

Ladies, here are five major signs that help you know if your boyfriend is the jealous and possessive type:

He Stalks You

He’s always trying to find out where you are, always keeping tabs on what you’re doing. He’s always calling you out of the blue, paying unnecessary attention to background sounds of where you are. He’s always asking for the specifics of where you are, who you are with and even asking to speak with them even when it’s inappropriate. He’s always showing up at your place or showing to pick you up from places when you have clearly told him that you have other plans. If he’s always trying to be around you without any regard for what you want, there’s a problem

He Wants To Be Involved In All The Decisions You Take

He feels he must have a part in every decision you take and it’s unacceptable that you could or might want to do somethings on your own. He doesn’t seem to have any boundaries where you are concerned and isn’t interested in being consulted before telling what should do on every matter.

He doesn’t like it when you do anything without telling him first and before you know it the dynamics of everything have so changed that you find yourself asking him for permission over almost everything. And when you do something or go somewhere without seeking his approval, he sulks and acts like you’ve committed a crime.Beware.

All Your Friends Are Not Good Enough

He always finds fault with all your friends, always pointing out their flaws and all the ways he thinks they not good enough friends. He always seems to be pouncing on their shortcomings to tell you that no one can be trusted except him.

He’s Pushing For More Commitment Than You’re Ready For

Maybe you feel like you guys are just beginning to get closer but he’s already asking you for all your secrets, asking why you’ve not told the whole world about you. He wants to know all your passwords, he wants to you declare him every where you go. When you tell him you’d much rather prefer if things naturally and gradually, he blackmails and threatens until you reluctantly or guiltily give in.

He seems To Like it When You’re Down

Whenever you get a disappointment or someone lets you down, he’s quick to come to console you and try to lift your spirits up but some how you get a nagging feeling that he’s secretly happy. He tries to use your disappointment as an occasion to let you know that no one in your life or the world can be trusted, except him of course. Whenever you have conflicts with your friends, family or people that are dear to you, he’s never trying to encourage you to make up with them. Maybe he even tells you to try to patch things but you can tell its not genuine because he’s quick tell you why you shouldn’t trust or have too much to do with them.


It is worthy to note that there is line between what is tolerable and what is dangerous behaviour. There is a degree of this kind of behaviour that is  harmless irritation and what is indicative of major insecurity in your partner. If your boyfriend is constantly jealous and possessive, then it is behaviour that must addressed immediately.