Deadly Deceiving Foods You Should Know

These are foods basically termed, ‘healthy’, but have high calorie in them. You should check out for these foods:

1. Greek Yogurt cups (with sweeteners)

Contains a well amount of protein and only half of carbohydrate contained in regular yogurt, the Greek yogurt is an excellent food for losing weight. Not too bad when handled in a 3/4 cup serving which has about 150 calories. Sadly, most people can not do with little, they end up adding honey or other toppings to sweeten the flavor.

2. Whole-wheat bread (commercially sold)

Wheat bread

Deceitfully labeled, ‘whole wheat’, many of the commercially produced whole wheat bread contains the same amount of calories, or even more than white bread. The fact is, some reduced calorie whole wheat bread add more sugar or fructose corn syrup to replace the lost calories.

3. Refried Beans

When compared to other beans, refried beans has an increased level of calorie. With 237 calories present in a single cup of canned refried beans, you get all you never bargained for. Instead, pick refried pinto beans, with only 180 calories in a cup.

4. Cheese (Gruyere)

Cheesy cheese

Cheese can not be categorically labeled a diet food, some flavors contain in them a high number of calories when compared to others with very small size. Parmesan, Manchego, and Gruyere cheeses are the worst kinds of cheese, weighing around 120 calories per ounce. Use the ideal portion size of the shape and size just like when you’re slicing up cubes.

5. Chickpeas (huge servings)

They are lovely when added to fiber and protein to make snacks, salads and even soups. With a cup of canned chickpeas, you get 286 calories, so you have to keep you serving in check

6. Ramen Noodles

These noodles are never a healthy choice anytime and any day. A block of cooked ramen noodles has about 380 calories. You many have lived on them while in school, I guess it’s time you dropped them.

7. Guacamole


Packed with healthy and rich potassium, but also filled with calories. A cup, especially when dipped with chips contains about 3600 calories. To maintain your desired waistline, guac should be enjoyed in moderation.