10 Foods You Should Avoid For Radiant Skin

– These Foods Are Dangerous For Your Skin

Poor nutrition is just as bad for your skin as cigarette smoking is for your health. Whatever you eat reflects on your skin. Apart from beauty products for skin, your diet is very important to enhance a better skin. Lack of balanced nutrition can cause you to look older than you really are as the inflammation it causes triggers oxidative stress which damages your DNA and collagen. To keep your skin bright and beautiful, here are some foods you need to keep off your diet.

1. Margarine

As essential as fats are for maintaining smooth supple skin, they are different in their composition. For example, the trans fats often found in margarine may shoot hydration. Studies have discovered that high intake of margarine is associated with skin wrinkling.

2. Chips

Being a refined carb, chips increase the inflammation that triggers both DNA and collagen-damaging oxidative stress. With time, fine lines and aged appearances begin to show on the skin. According to research, refined carbs are the major causes of adult acne cases.

3. Fast food

Fast foods with their high level of sugar and saturated fat-laden menus can cause you to have blemishes. Unlike foods that have a low -GI, high protein diets were connected to more chances of acne lesions, according to findings.

4. Agave

Generally, agave has been a better alternative to sugar. The sweet syrup is made from different species of agave plants with more fructose and high fructose corn syrup. Fructose is more efficient at breaking down collagen than regular sugar. Simply implied, the switch you make for agave over sugar may make laugh lines more noticeable.

5. Candy

Findings have proved that countries without heavy processed sugar go through puberty without acne. This contradicts the regular knowledge that adolescence is synonymous with pimples. Candy basically provides the body with sugar, degrading collagen and elastin, the protein that keeps the skin soft and supple.

6. Sodas and juices

We all know that many of the juices sold have high sugar content. Just like sodas, juices lack fiber and this makes them a no-go area for your skin. Fiber is important for preventing your blood sugar from swings that age the skin.

7. Rice cakes

Contrary to the belief that rice cakes are the typical fat eraser, rice, cakes actually cause the blood sugar to rise, speeding up the emergence of wrinkling. This it does by converting the metabolized carbs to glucose, just like sugar. As soon as they are converted, they begin to attach themselves to proteins that fight wrinkles like collagen, thereby destroying them.

8. Cereal

As usually called, ‘healthy cereal’, like other white grains are very refined and full of sugar. Whole grains, on the other hand, are generally lower on the glycemic index. This means cereal they lead to wrinkling.

9. Sweetened Smoothies

Often times, the foods that produce our bodies with sugar are not known by us. Smoothies are secretly source of sugar. Apart from the natural sugar contained in them, commercially sold smoothies are packed with added sugar.




10. Milk

No doubt, milk is good for your body. milk especially the skimmed milk can be full of growth hormones and these hormones and growth factors remain biologically active even after it has gone through pasteurization. Studies have shown that they make their way t into the blood stream where they affect insulin, causing inflammation and ramp up production of oil. Alternatively, organic milk is a better choice because it contains hormones rather than added ones found in non-organic options.



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