5 Reasons Why Coconut Is Good For You

Coconut water might just be what you need for a healthy body. It has many benefits so it’s easy to be added to any meal. There are many ways you can cook with coconut oil or enjoy drinking coconut water.

1. Source of saturated fats

Unlike the saturated fats in cheese or steak. Coconuts contain MCT which is a very different fatty acid that goes to your liver where they are turned into ketones. Ketones have a positive effect on people with mental disorders such as epilepsy or Alzheimer’s.

2. Helps your burn fat

The fatty acids in coconut have been found to reduce appetite by supplying your body the nutrients it needs. This makes weight loss achievable and fast. also, it transfers your LDL which is a bad cholesterol into a less harmful form that your body can process better. It improves antioxidant status and coagulation. In addition, it helps to burn calories by 5%.

3. Acts as skin moisturizer

This you get from coconut oil. For sauteing or cooking, you can replace vegetable oil or butter with its oil. It does not only cook your foods better, it also acts as a skin moisturizer. Being useful to your body both inside and outside.

4. Aids digestion

By adding coconut to your diet, you make it easy to digest other foods and also improve your digestive tract with enzymes.For those who find digestion to be a problem, it is recommended that its oil is consumed as it is one food that aids digestive aids.

5. Packs many useful nutrients

The make-up of coconut shows that it contains protein, fiber, amino acids, and minerals. The white part also contains MCTs, which the body converts to ketone and fuel. Ketones simply replace glucose for an increase energy levels both mentally and physically.