Basic Home Remedies For Coughs


– Simple ways to treat a cough.

– What you can do when you have a cough.

A cough is usually a sudden and noisy expulsion of air from the lungs.  Coughs are often involuntary and they come unaware.

Often times, cough occurs when the weather is cold or in a cold and flu season.

A cough is annoying and it sometimes comes with pains, chest aches, sore throats, runny nose, headache, etc.

The situation becomes worse when a cough is persistent. You find yourself sneezing and coughing at every minute.

A cough can also be disturbing and embarrassing, it gives you an unreserved attention. Especially,  if you cough when you are in a public place or social gathering, you see people shifting their gazes to you and this makes you uncomfortable.

Some basic remedies to a cough or ways to manage your cough at home include:

  1. Drink well.

Staying hydrated is an effective remedy for coughs. When you drink enough fluids, this helps you to thin down the mucus in the postnasal region.

Also, when you are hydrated, it helps you keep your membrane and your throat moist and comfortable.

Take fluid in its diverse forms; water, juices, liquids, etc.

  1. Take honey.

Honey is a remedy for a cough, it is also a traditional remedy for a sore throat may help soothe coughs as well. You can also take your hot tea with honey to soothe your throat.

How to treat a cough.
  1. Take hot drinks and a hot shower

Hot drinks are also effective for cough relief, It helps to clear your throat and give you warmth. When the chest or throat is warm enough, it will aid quick relief of a cough.


A hot shower can also help a cough by loosening secretions in the nose. It also melts the mucus which makes it easy to pass out the mucus without stress.

  1. Take over-the-counter medications

There are cough medications that you can use to reduce or relieve coughs.  Over-the-counter medicines are always good.


Use cough drops or hard candy. Menthol and certain herbal cough drops can soothe your sore throat