Foods That Can Conveniently Replace Carbohydrates

-Foods That Can Conveniently  Replace Carbohydrates

-Improving Your Diet

Carbohydrates are usually believed to be irreplaceable, but that’s not the true as there are other foods you can swap carbs within your diet. As essential as they are, carbs must be taken in moderation. Here are some few foods that can replace rice, shawarma, french toast and their other counterparts:

1. Coconut cream for corn flour

Coconut cream

You might feel you can’t do without your corn flour every morning, but no, you can. If you feel the need to thicken your soup/broth, swap the corn with coconut cream which is a better choice as it provides you with low-calorie option.


2. Baked Cauliflower for mashed potatoes

Carbs in form of potatoes supply the body with excess sugar which could result in diabetes over time. Toss florets with oil and a dash of cayenne with a pinch of salt, flip it regularly while it roasts for about 45 minutes. Cauliflower is a better substitute because it has similar taste as the potato.

3. Protein pancakes

Protein pancakes

Mash a ripe banana, add an egg and whisk it with 2 tablespoons of whole-wheat flour. Then pour the mixture on a griddle over low heat and cook. It is highly beneficiary because the banana does not only contain carbohydrates but also offers Vitamin C, fiber, potassium, unlike French toast bread which is fully carb.

4. Oatmeal


Breakfast cereal seems to be the best option for most people, all because it is easy to make and it prevents you from getting late to work. Nevertheless, oatmeal is better as a half cup of oatmeal contains 4 grams of fiber which will make you fuller. Apart from its fiber content, it has 6 grams of protein which helps build the body tissue. Oatmeal is also low in fat and contains only 150 calories.

5.Chicken cabbage wrap

Chicken cabbage

Basically, chicken cabbage wrap replaces the tortilla wrap of the shawarma which is a more healthier option than shawarma. Spice and grill chicken breast till it’s soft. Put a spoon of olive oil in a skillet and fry some garlic, veggies and chopped onions on low heat. Now, add the pieces of grilled chicken and stir-fry altogether then roll up in cabbage.