Why You Should Not Skip Breakfast


– Some benefits of eating breakfast that you must not miss.

– Reasons not to skip eating breakfast.

Breakfast is actually the first meal of the day; it is what you eat in the morning. As it is generally known, food plays an important role in the overall health.

The type of food we eat also determines how healthy we would be. Morning food is also important, many people skip their breakfast due to lateness for work, insufficient time to sit and eat, etc.

Some people also intentionally skip breakfast, this is not so good. You need to eat your morning food in other to stay alerted and active throughout the day.

There are many reasons you should not skip breakfast; some of the benefits of eating breakfast include the following;

  1. Eating breakfast aids better performance in daily activities. When you eat in the morning, it gives you enough energy to perform all necessary day to day activities.

You get to battle off sluggishness, tiredness and the rare dizziness that follows starting your day on an empty stomach. It helps children perform better in school, sharpens their brain and focus, and helps with better academic performances.

Why you should not skip breakfast.
  1. It also lowers the risk of heart disease and the risk of having diabetes.
  2. Another important benefit of eating breakfast is that it prevents an individual from starving. It also prevents you from overeating. When you skip breakfast, you tend to overeat whenever you want to eat.

It prevents binge-eating as well which will, in turn, aid weight loss.

  1. Eating breakfast also boosts the cognitive or mental function of an individual, it prevents the slowdown of memory and also wades off an unnecessary headache that accompanies hunger.
  2. Also, when you eat breakfast every morning, you are doing yourself a lot of good. It helps you lower bad (LDL) cholesterol.

It is good that we inculcate the habit of eating breakfast to stay healthy and full of strength.