6 best breakfast menus to slim down in 1 week

6 best breakfast menus to slim down in 1 week6-best-breakfast-menus-slim-1-week
Does losing weight seem like something too hard for you? Find out that the first meal of the day can help you make a big difference in the balance.

Next we will give you suggestions of 6 breakfast menus to lose weight and notice difference in just 1 week. Do you think it’s impossible?

Then put at least one of these menus into practice and start to see the extra pounds go away and your silhouette looks much slimmer.

Breakfast menu for slimming 1
In the blender you should hit:

1 glass of skim milk with

1 tablespoon of oatmeal and

Half of a banana and

Half an apple.

Ideal for the days you need to rush off to go to the gym.

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Breakfast Menu for Weight Loss 2
1 cup of coffee with skim milk

Sweetener with a whole-wheat bread sandwich with

Light turkey breast and a pear.

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Breakfast Menu to slim down 3
1 cup of tea (your choice) with

Sweetener and cracker crackers with

Light curd

Half a papaya papaya.

Breakfast Menu for Slimming 4
1 glass of natural orange juice and

A whole-wheat bread sandwich with

Cottage cheese and

An apple.

Dieting Breakfast Menu 5
1 pot of yogurt with

1 tablespoon of granola,

Cream of ricotta and

1 slice of whole wheat bread.

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Breakfast Menu for Weight Loss 6
Cornflakes in small pot with

A little skim milk with


Banana cut into slices.

You can add some honey.

Important Tips for Assembling Breakfast Meals to Lose Weight
Anyone who is even motivated to lose weight needs to have some concepts when it comes to choosing what will go to your table. You will realize that over time you can start building your own reinforced menu.

We list the fundamental points that make a breakfast healthier and able to help you eliminate the extra pounds.

The drink may continue to be part of your breakfast, however, watch out for the use of sweeteners instead of sugars. For those who drink coffee with milk the tip is to change the integral by the skimmed one.

Fruit juice
For those who think that just having a fruit juice for breakfast, we have to say that is not quite so. The first thing to consider is that you should opt for freshly prepared natural juices.

The choice of fruit is also very important, prefer the less caloric ones like pineapple and lemon that still promote a real cleaning in the organism.

Water with lemon
Get into the habit of waking up every day by drinking a glass of warm water with lemon that will help improve your digestion. After half an hour you can have your breakfast normally.

Whole grain bread
For those who do not give up having bread for their breakfast, the tip is to replace the white breads with the whole.

Before eating the bread you can eat a fruit to reduce the appetite.

Natural yogurts
Yogurts are great choices for breakfast to slim down, however, give preference to the natural and skimmed versions.