Trismus: Causes And Symptoms


– What is the meaning of trismus?

– What are the things that cause this condition and the symptoms?

Have you ever heard of trismus? Do you know the causes of this condition? Also, do you experience this condition but you don’t know what it is being called? Then, this piece is for you!

Trismus is a condition that involves the inability to normally open the mouth or difficulty to open the jaw which is as a result of a disease.

Also, in order for the mouth and jaw to function properly, there are many muscles and nerves around the jaw work together that help us in the opening and closing of the mouth. If any of the muscle is not in good condition, it can affect the mouth and jaw.

It is an oral or a dental disease which cause one’s inability to fully open the mouth. There are many reasons that can cause this condition to occur.


Some people experience this condition at one point in their life but they overlook it and just think it will go with time. When you experience difficulty in using the jaw or opening the mouth, one of the following can cause it;

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1. Trismus can occur as a result of lockjaw and it might also be as a result of muscles of the jaw that are short (short jaw muscles).
2. This condition can also be as a result of tetanus or its symptom.
3. Muscle spasm can also cause this.
4. Another risk factor for trismus is undergoing a surgery that involves the neck, head, jaw or even the mouth.
5. Also, a tumor that involves the bones, muscles, and nerves that connects to the jaw and mouth.
6. Oral infections can also cause this condition.
7. Rabies, seizure disorder, and inflammation of the jaw muscle can also cause trismus.

The major symptom of this condition is the inability to open the mouth or difficulty in using the jaw.