7 Signs You Aren’t Giving Your Wife Enough Attention

7 Signs You Aren’t Giving Your Wife Enough Attentionunhappy couple lifestyle love relationship coupleMany men find women hard to read; but if you know the signs, you’ll know exactly what your wife needs. Most of the time, she just needs some more attention from you. Here are seven ways you can know if that’s the case:
1. She acts jealous

If she seems jealous of your work, friends or even other ladies, it’s probably because you aren’t treating her like she is your top priority. Because your spouse should be No. 1 in your life, if you are devoting less attention to her than to other people or responsibilities, she is definitely lacking attention that she deserves.

2. She stopped asking you for things

If she used to ask for your help or opinion and she doesn’t anymore, she’s probably grown accustomed to you not helping out very much. To fix this, ask her deep questions about her life, or what you can do for her; or just go ahead and do something for her without having to ask.
3. She’s dressing to impress

If she’s spending a little extra time twisting up her hair or she wears something she knows you like, she probably is doing it to catch your eye. Let her catch your eye. She needs that attention from you.
4. She’s being nit-picky

If your wife is starting to get on your case about the small stuff more than usual, she probably is in need of your attention. If she doesn’t get enough time with the real you, your annoying habits can eclipse all your goodness.
5. She tells you she misses you a lot

The most obvious way you’re going to know that your wife needs more attention is if she flat-out tells you. She may miss your physical presence in her life or the close emotional relationship the two of you used to share. No matter what, if she’s telling you she misses you, you need to devote more of your time to her.
6. You find out more on social media than in person

If you log into Facebook to find out what’s going on with your lady, something’s not right. You should know about her life before the Web does. Text or call her throughout the day so you can know what’s going on with her.

7. You go to bed at different times

Both of you need the personal attention that getting ready for bed and laying in the dark waiting for sleep to come affords. If the two of you aren’t going to bed at the same time, you need to make the change so you both get that time together.