5 Things Couples Can Do To Increase Intimacy

5 Things Couples Can Do To Increase Intimacy

5 Things Couples Can Do To Increase Intimacy

The fire of love needs to stoked from time to time after the initial butterflies and passion, to keep it going. This is just the nature of love, romance and most things in life; they need to be nurtured so that they don’t die. Wise couples know this and make the commitment to do what they can to make their love last.

Couples can do these 5 things to increase their intimacy and maintain their desire for each other:

Cook Together

The process of planning and cooking a meal together really looks simple but it can help couples build closeness and intimacy.

It requires them to communicate and co-operate with each other and as they share in the work involved and the eventual results, they get to spend quality time with each other.

Couples could even try cooking in their underwear or cooking naked to make it more intimate.

Write letters to each other

This should be done not as a replacement of normal communication but as an exercise to become more open and honest with each other.

Couples could try writing a letter weekly to each other about their love life or make it even more specific by writing erotic letters to each other; this can help couples talk about secrets desires or fantasies that they may be shy about.

Shower Together

A shower is something that is a very private act; most couples prefer to shower together as something that happens once in a while. However, making a regular habit of showering together can help to break down barriers and help them get closer to each other.

As they lather and bath each other, they get to learn each other’s body and communicate better.

Go Shopping For Each Other

Sending each other to shop for their personal needs can help couples become more intimates. Alternating shopping list and doing the other person’s shopping like underwear and other stuff is great way to improve on communication and learning each other’s habits better.

Book a Room

A great way of cultivating intimacy is for couples to leave the familiar surroundings of their homes, the hustle and bustle of life and the kids and book a hotel room to be alone with each other.

This can help them to have conversations they have postponed, catch up with each other and have more time be intimate and romantic with each other.