6 kissing mistakes you’ve totally mastered

6 kissing mistakes you’ve totally masteredlifestyle couple love 9jastreet
When it comes to kissing, you’re an old pro. Your smooches have definitely improved since your days behind the flagpole, but that doesn’t mean they are perfect. No matter how many kisses you’ve given, there’s still a chance you are making these six mistakes and losing out on some really fabulous kisses.
Kiss o’clock

Timing and chemistry are everything when it comes to romance. Whether you are just starting to date or have been married for years and years, chemistry might fluctuate, but timing does not go out the window.
Realizing when you and your partner want to lock lips for a bit is way more important than knowing when just you want a kiss. Remember kissing is a team sport and kissing will be 10 times better if you both want to play the kissing game.
Lips only

Technically, a kiss just needs to involve lips. But you’re making one huge mistake if you think that’s all a kiss should entail.

Don’t forget placing your hands on the back of his neck is just as important as placing your lips on his lips. Your body language cues in the type of kiss you are looking for, so don’t make the mistake of not communicating.
Hold that thought

Being distracted during a smooch is easy to do, but difficult to forgive.

If you find your mind concentrating on your to-do list, leave that kiss for another time. How would you like to be kissed while your partner is thinking of dinner tomorrow night or tuning in to hear the notifications from his phone?

Kissing is fun, but it shouldn’t be a pastime. If letting your mind wander seems like part of lip-locking, it is time to break that habit. Learn to focus on the kiss instead of letting it be background noise.
Just like the movies

It’s time to throw your idealized movie-kissing notions away.

Quit holding on to the idea that your kisses will be “Notebook”-worthy and focus instead on making your own, less-than-perfect love story.

Letting your man know what you want in a smooch is important, but if you go much further than flirty suggestions, you are going to seem bossy. No one wants to feel like their kisses aren’t good enough or like they are just an actor in your production of a Hollywood kiss.
Stinky Pete

Not a soul on this Earth wants a kiss that makes the kiss-ee guess what the kisser ate for dinner.

Granted, a kiss that takes you by surprise doesn’t leave time for you to pop in a mint, but if you are initiating the kissing, then please keep things minty fresh.
(Note: Ignore this point if you are kissing the actual frog version of your Prince Charming.)
Same old, same old

After a few smooches, kissing can become routine.

It’s sweet to know you’ll get a little peck every morning before you run out the door or that your mister brushes his lips against yours the minute he gets back from his workday. That being said, not every kiss should feel routine.

Keep the predictable pecks, but if all your smooches are feeling like part of the routine, it’s time to switch it up.

If these six mistakes feel all too familiar, don’t fret. Like any skill, kissing is going to take some practice … which isn’t a bad tradeoff. I’m sure your mister won’t complain about adding some more smooches to his day.

Written by Emily Cummings on Family Share