MUST READ: 5 Reasons Couples Should Always Shower Together

MUST READ: 5 Reasons Couples Should Always Shower Together
5 Reasons Couples Should Always Shower Together

Read some of the interesting reasons why couple should shower together according to InformationNg below;

1. It brings you closer as a couple.

Yes, you may be sleeping in the same bed and sharing your lives, but there’s something about showering together that brings you closer and allows you to discover your partner’s body in a completely different way. To make it even better, there are plenty of ways to spice up your shower rituals together so you look forward to it EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING.

2. It’s s*xy.

There will be times when showering together will turn into shower s*x, but there will also be times when it just gives you an opportunity to be a little s*xy and flirtatious without being late to work. If it does happen to turn into shower s*x though, don’t forget to use a personal lubricant to ease the process along and create some slippery fun in the process.

3. It makes you more comfortable with your body.

If you’ve ever had insecurities about your body, showering together really does help you get rid of them. Plus, you can always ask your partner to scrub your body from top to bottom with luxurious butter soaps that will leave your skin moisturized and feeling amazing. Once you’re done, you can use fragrant oils to moisturize even more and leave your skin incredibly soft.

4. It starts your morning off right every single day.

Whether you’re headed out to work for a stressful day or you’re off to Sunday brunch,showering together in the morning will give ANY day a good start. Even if you don’t have a TON of time to wash your hair and get EVERYTHING done, popping in the shower — shower cap and all — with your partner for a quick cuddle is totally doable (and sweet!).

5. It allows you to turn daily mundane activities into something to look forward to.

Not that you’d ever not look forward to a shower, but just like with every daily activity, we all have our moments when we just don’t feel like it. Maybe because we’re tired that day, or maybe it’s a bit colder than usual and we just want to stay in bed. Whatever your reasoning, once you decide to turn it into a ritual with your partner, it becomes something MORE — something magical that the two of you share every morning. Something that allows you to connect before the outside world takes over.

So go ahead, start a new ritual with your partner and turn up the heat!