11 Reasons why Men Leave their Wives

11 Reasons why Men Leave their Wives
7 Signs He Doesn’t Give A Sh*t About You Reasons why Men Leave their Wives
According to Krystle Crossman of Healthy Black Woman, marriages do not end quickly and for no reason. A divorce is a culmination of months of frustration, fighting, and lack of communication.

Crossman says that usually after a marriage is over however there is almost always one point in time that will stand out in your mind when you really could see how your partner was feeling and that the marriage was on its way out.

She then lists 11 different reasons men leave their marriages:

No more trust – One man described his adventures where he would take photos with time stamps of all of the signs that lead back to his house to prove that he was where he said he was. He got fed up after having to do this and left.

Self-centered – It was a cold and dark winter night and one man who had missed the train home from work had to take a very long bus ride and then walk several miles home in the snow and freezing wind. This was all because his wife didn’t want to leave her yoga class early.

Spoiled – During a rough time, a man told his wife that he couldn’t afford to buy her the $999 watch that she wanted. She locked herself in the bathroom and threw a tantrum. He didn’t react and she came out hours later asking if he wanted a divorce. Turns out, he did.

Math – A soldier came home after seven months of being deployed to find that his wife was five months pregnant.

Dreams – A man told his wife that he wanted to become a doctor. She scoffed at him and told him that he couldn’t just decide to be a doctor. They were divorced a short time later. He has already started med school.

No laughing matter – A man told his wife that he was extremely depressed and upset and she laughed it off. He knew that she didn’t really care.

Cheating – When a man realized that he didn’t care anymore if his wife cheated on him, he knew that the marriage was over.

Roommate zone – When he realized that his wife was going to bed at different times than him, showering without him, and avoiding him at home, he knew he was done. She was more like a roommate than a lover or wife.

No hobbies – A man and his wife were watching Knocked Up and during the scene where the guy is caught sneaking off to a baseball draft she stated how selfish he was. The man said that the woman in the movie was selfish to be squashing his hobbies and then realized that was what was happening in his own marriage.

Stepmother – A man watched his second wife’s relationship with his daughter get worse and worse. Despite counseling, there was nothing that could be done. He chose his daughter over his wife.

Children – The wife refused to raise children any other way than not vaccinating them and homeschooling them. He saw things differently but she refused to budge.