5 Tips to Improve Any Relationship

5 Tips to Improve Any Relationship how to show your wife respect

Relationships are a huge part of our lives because they shape our experiences, affect our identity and boost or mar our emotional well-being.  The truth is that we have a big part to play in how well our relationships go and how they improve over time.

Here are five things that will improve or benefit any relationship whether it’s marriage, family or friendship;


Everyone likes it when they know that they are loved. Loving words, loving actions can never be too much. A whole lot more relationships that are in bad shapes would come back to life if people actually believed they are loved.

We should do our best to communicate our feelings to those we love and make the best effort to show that we cherish those who love us.


There is no relationship that will not benefit from or respond positively to a disposition of respect. Respect should be communicated in our words, our actions and our expectations of others.

When others see that we respect them and we also carry ourselves with respect, our relationships will be better for it.


Open and wise communication is a necessary ingredient for any relationship that will succeed. When our words honour and nurture our loved ones, they value our presence in their lives; when our words wounds and put them down, they’ll run away from us no matter how much they love us.

People also desire to have people in their lives whom they can count on to tell them the truth in love, people who can advise and above all people they can talk to about anything.

When a relationship is established in solid two-way communication, it is bound to keep misunderstandings at bay and flourish.


In order to build a solid relationship, a habit of forgiveness must be cultivated because offence is an inevitable thing in any relationship. If we do not learn how to  give forgiveness and receive it, we cannot build relationships.


It’s said that good fences make good neighbousr and this holds true in any relationship. We get the best out of people when they know that we respect their personal space and autonomy and we also respond better when people who do not disrespect our boundaries.

Respect and non-violation of boundaries will help to keep any relationship; whether it’s a parent-child relationship, a friendship or a marriage.