Your Wife May Be Cheating If You See These Signs

Possible signs of a cheating wife


Infidelity sucks. It’s not something anyone wants to be on the receiving end of in any relationship. It brings so much pain and attacks the victim’s confidence in ways that take time to recover from. It can be really devastating especially if the discovery hits suddenly, out of the blue. The road after an episode like that is a tough one and almost everyone who’s had a taste of it wish they could’ve prevented it.

Many times too infidelity leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of culprits. It destroys the relationships they had been building up for years and discredits them in ways they may never recover from.

For men, the thought of a cheating wife is terrible idea not even to be conceived. Many of them consider this the ultimate betrayal; forgiveness, almost an impossibility. In spite of this many men are confronted with possibility of a cheating wife.

These signs can help you know if your wife is cheating:

She’s Suddenly Secretive:

Her phone no longer lies around carelessly, maybe she even changed the password you knew. Your constantly talkative wife doesn’t share her daily events with you anymore and she now always seems reluctant to let you know what she’s doing. When you ask her how the day went, the person who once used to volunteer information would rather stay silent.

It’s possible she has a lot on her mind or you both have unresolved issues  but sudden and continuous secretiveness is not a good sign in your wife. It could easily be a sign she’s cheating.

Nothing Upsets Her Anymore:

Now you know this woman and you know how she’s vocal about what she doesn’t like and has no qualms repeating (I don’t want to say “nag”) the same complaints over and over again. But suddenly she stops, nothing seems to upset her anymore. On top of that, you feel a sense that she’s fighting hard not to look indifferent. Somebody else may be taking all that energy and your place.

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