Reasons You Might Miss Your Period Without Being Pregnant

Your period

– Why some ladies miss their menstruation when they are not pregnant.

– Reasons you might miss your period.

Missing one’s menstruation when one is not pregnant is not new to many ladies. You just find out that you do not have your period at all in a month.

When this happens, it makes some people panic. People get afraid for different reasons, it even makes some people to easily jump to conclusions.

For some, they might be thinking it is a sign of pregnancy which they are not prepared for perhaps.Although, a missed menstrual period can be a sign of early pregnancy but, missing a period can be due to a number of factors and conditions.

To others, they think it is due to a deficiency in their body system. Some even reach the conclusion that it is a symptom of an ailment or disease.

The absence of menstruation is “amenorrhea”, doctors also describe ” primary amenorrhea” as a situation in which a woman does not start menstruating (although, this is not common).

However, secondary amenorrhea refers to the absence of periods in a previously menstruating woman.The period can also be irregular, skipping and inconsistent.

Skipped periods also differ from secondary amenorrhea, it is only when a woman has missed her period for months at a stretch that we can call it secondary amenorrhea.

Why some ladies miss their menstrual periods include:

1. Pregnancy.
This is the main reason that can cause a woman to miss the period. If the lady is not pregnant, then you can read other reasons that are below.

2.Illnesses and serious diseases can also cause it.

Why you miss your periods.

3.Excessive physical activities and stress can also make a lady miss her period. Also, when a lady does exercise in excess, it can lead to it.

4. Hormonal imbalance is also another cause.

5. Emotional stress, excessive weight loss or weight gain, drug abuse or misuse of medication, use of birth control pills, premature menopause, etc, can lead to a lady missing her menstrual period.

Ladies should pay attention to things that cause this to happen.