Simple Menstruation Hygiene Ladies Should Know

– Ways to maintain cleanliness even when menstruating.

– Tips to have a hygienic period.

There are certain changes and states that accompany puberty period, especially for the female gender. One of the states that accompany this is the start of menstruation.

When your female child begins her period for the first time, she is taking a step to womanhood. As a mother, you need to teach her how to go about it because she is new to it.

For some ladies, starting menstruation around the middle school was a bit awkward.

Many ladies did not even know anything about menstruation before they started it, they got to know it themselves and this made it more awkward for them.

They were stranded and did not know whether they should make it public or private.

The period of the month that you menstruate is peculiar and you should not handle it with negligence. They require certain behaviors or attitudes.

Some tips to help you stay clean and hygienic during your periods are the following;

1. Sanitation
This is primary to menstruation, choose your method of sanitation, this includes your choice of sanitary napkins, tampoons, sanitary towels and some other sanitary means.

Your choice of sanitation is the first step to having a clean and hygienic menstruation. It is also important to choose one that has the absorbency rate of your flow.

2. Change regularly

The standard time to change a sanitary pad is once every six hours, while for a tampon is once every two hours. So, you need to change your sanitary pads or tampoons at regular intervals.

Tips to have a clean and hygienic menstruation.

3. Have a bath regularly
When you bathe, you get some relief from backaches and menstrual cramps during your period.

Also, it is important that you wash regularly to wash blood stains away from your vagina or between your labia.

4. Dispose of your used sanitary product properly
Do not just drop your used sanitary pads, napkins or tampons anywhere or carelessly, discard them in the appropriate place to avoid infections or foul smell.

It is essential that you maintain a proper menstruation hygiene so as to be free from infections and to stay clean.