Things To Know About Using A Condom


– The dangers that accompany with the use of condoms.

– What you need to know about the use of a condom.

A condom is also a sheath, it is a thin rudder covering that a man wears over his penis during sex. The purpose of wearing a condom during sex is to prevent the woman from becoming pregnant of to protect her and the man from sexually transmitted diseases.

In a technical term, a condom is a prophylactic. It is also important to know not only males wear condoms, there are also condoms which are available for the females.

A condom is also a barrier protection that people wear on either the penis or the vagina.Condoms can be made of plastic, latex or natural skin.

Also, condoms are available in all stores over the world, they are not difficult to get or buy.

A female condom is also a thin rubber device that a woman wears inside her vagina during sex to prevent herself from becoming pregnant or contacting STDs.

As earlier stated, there are two main purposes of using condoms which are; to prevent pregnancy and to reduce the chances that a sexually transmitted disease will be given to a partner.

However, the use of condoms is not without its side effects. Some of the things that are likely to happen even when you use condoms include the following;

1. Latex Allergy
Latex is the fluid that is obtained from rubber trees and it is the most common material that they use in the production of condoms. Finding has it that some are allergic to the protein in the rubber.

Using a condom.

For those that have latex allergies, condoms might be dangerous. Latex allergies can bring about anaphylaxis, a life-threatening condition.

2. Pregnancy Risks
Even with the use of a condom, there are still risks of pregnancy. Pregnancy might occur either when people use them correctly or incorrectly.

3. Sexual Resistance

Some people are likely to experience a sexual partner’s resistance when they use a condom. Some partners experience a loss in sensation when using condoms.

4. Risks pf STDs
People might also contact sexually transmitted diseases even when they use condoms, especially when used incorrectly.