What You Need To Know About The Use Of Mosquito Nets


– The effects of using a mosquito net.

– What you can benefit from using mosquito nets and otherwise.

Mosquito nets are what people commonly use in most homes as a means of preventing mosquitoes from feeding on people.

A mosquito is an insect that feeds on the blood of human beings. We can feel the bite of a mosquito only when we are conscious.

Most times we do not feel the bites of mosquitoes, these tiny bloodsuckers are vectors of fatal diseases, they majorly transmit malaria.

Other sicknesses they transmit include dengue fever, West Nile Virus, and yellow fever in some cases.

Malaria is a deadly disease that mosquitoes cause, that is why bed nets that contain insecticides are one of the key tools used to prevent mosquito bites as well as malaria.

Things to note about mosquito nets include:

  • The use of mosquito nets is a common strategy people use to prevent mosquitoes. Mosquito nets are also Insecticide-treated nets (ITNs) used for malaria control.
  • The Nets also protect you from other insects as well as bugs.

    Use of bed nets.
  • Although, for some people, sleeping inside a mosquito net seems to be uncomfortable and unpalatable.  Some also think only old people and outdated people use mosquito nets.
  • However, the main purpose of using a mosquito net is to prevent the infestation of mosquitoes which will thereby prevent us from having malaria.
  • Also, there are some bed nets that are fashionable and add beauty to the bed and the room at large.

Also, mosquito nets are often treated with a chemical known as permethrin.

This chemical is fatal to the insects but is also harmless to humans.

Although despite the harmless nature of the chemical to humans, it is an irritant to some people, they have reactions to the chemical.

However, due to the advantages of mosquito nets and their effectiveness, the serve as alternatives for other chemicals which we apply directly to skin and clothing to repel the insects.