Why You Need To Learn Acceptance

Why You Need To Learn Acceptance

Why You Need To Learn Acceptance

Why You Need To Learn Acceptance

If you’re going to enjoy your life and be at peace, you’re going to have to accept many things and people as they are. You can’t change everything and you certainly can’t change anyone. The practice of acceptance is part of emotional wisdom; you need it if you’re going to succeed in your relationships.

A lot of people are bitter, angry, miserable and lonely because they’ve failed to develop this aspect of emotional intelligence called acceptance. It is very important in relationships for some major reasons.

So you’ll know what to walk away from

For many people who are in dysfunctional, toxic and abusive relationships, when they look back they realise that the other party had always been like that and they had seen it even then. The problem is often that they failed to accept who that person was. They chose to believe words over actions or even their own fairy-tale imaginations over what obtained in reality.

The reason why many people are stuck in unprofitable relationships is because they refuse to practice acceptance. It’s not because they were deceived or cajoled or threatened or manipulated; they simply chose to overlook the truth, so they stayed with people they didn’t love or weren’t compatible with because they didn’t accept what was revealed about the character and capabilities of the other person.

So you can give up wrong expectations

Many people are miserable in their relationships because they have unrealistic expectations of the other person. Unrealistic, not because it’s entirely impossible, but because there are looking to the wrong person to do it.

Some people are disappointed in their kids, their spouses, their bosses, their family members because they have not accepted those people for who they are. They keep looking for them to be something they are not.

So you can love others

If you don’t accept people, you can’t really love them; you won’t even know how to love them. There is a lot of dissatisfaction in many romantic relationships because spouses and partners are not able to meet each other’s emotional needs? Why? Many times, because they refuse to accept the truth about the other person’s preferences and needs. They keep trying to relate to their partner of the basis of their own assumptions. No relationship can be fulfilled in such a condition.

Parents, children and friends are also guilty of this kind of behaviour and it is the reason why many relationships that should be happy are not.

So you can be happy

Not accepting someone for who they are is like butting your head against a wall; they will never change and you’ll just remain frustrated. When you accept people for who they are, you can have peace and understanding and you can then be happy with what they have to offer.