Factors That Increase The Risk Of Developing Vaginitis


– Vaginitis; some facts you should know about this condition.

– Causes and symptoms of vaginitis.

Vaginitis simply refers to the inflammation of the vagina. However, this inflammation often occurs with the inflammation of the vulva.

There are many underlying causes of this condition, at times, it might occur due to the state or condition of living. For instance, the chemical or physical irritation present in an area can trigger this inflammation.

This inflammation of the vagina might be due to infectious causes and noninfectious causes as well.

When it is as a result of an infection with yeast, bacteria, fungus, or the parasitic organism known as Trichomonas, it is infectious vaginitis.

Noninfectious vaginitis can occur at instances of the use of perfumed soaps, vaginal sprays, douches, detergents and some other products. They can cause an allergic reaction or irritate vulvar and vaginal tissues.

When a woman has an inflammation of the vagina, the likely symptoms that will accompany it include the following;

1. Pain or discomfort in the vagina or vagina area. This pain might either be mild or severe depending on the sufferer.

Also, this pain can occur during urination or during sexual intercourse.

2. Also, this condition tends to change the color of vagina discharge. It can also cause an unpleasant odor and increase the amount of discharge from the vagina.

Risk Of Developing Vaginitis

3. There will also be vaginal itching as well as irritation.

4. Rash and soreness can also occur but this is in rare cases.

However, it is also important for us to know the factors that increase the risk of developing vaginitis. Some of these factors include the following;

1.Sexual activity; some infectious causes of vaginitis are sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs), although not all vaginal infections are sexually-transmitted.

2. Hormonal changes or disorders.

3. The use of an intrauterine device (IUD) for birth control and also the use of spermicides for birth control.

4. Improper hygiene and careless use of hygiene products, etc.

The moment you notice the symptoms of vaginitis, go and see a medical doctor.