What You Should Know About Vaginal Flatulence


– What is vaginal flatulence?

– Some facts you should know about vaginal flatulence.

There are many health challenges and conditions that relate to the vagina. The vagina is the female sex organ. It is the passage from the opening of the vulva leading to the cervix of the uterus.

The vagina is responsible for copulation and childbirth in females. It is such a sensitive organ.

Vaginal flatulence happens to be one of the health conditions of the vagina, although some people consider this condition as normal.

Vaginal flatulence refers to the emission of noisy air or the expulsion of air from the vagina. People also refer to it as ‘queef’ which is the emission of trapped air from the vagina.

It also means the release of gastric sound from the vagina.This can either have an odor or may be odorless. Also, this emission of air comes with no pain.

Often times, it occurs during sexual intercourse or during some other sexual activities.

Also, when you hold your urine and after having a hysterectomy ( the surgical procedure to remove all of or part of the uterus), flatulence can occur in the vagina.

Some of the causes of vaginal flatulence in women most times include the following;

1. The main cause is when there is an insertion of an object into the vagina. This includes placing a penis, finger, tampon, sex aid, or other objects into the vagina.

About vagina flatulence.

Placing objects (especially objects different from the penis) into this organ is not too good as it can displace the air inside the vagina.

2. Sexual intercourse or activity is also another cause.

3. Also, when women do exercise, air is trapped inside the vagina most of the times and at the end of the exercise, flatulence can occur in the vagina.

4. Certain physical activities can also cause it.


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