#Lifestyle: 8 Ways Lack Of Sleep Can Affect Your Health

Most people don’t get enough sleep for several reasons. For some it’s work, business and other things. However, lack of sleep affect the entire body system is lots of ways. Few of them are listed below

1. Your skin will look dull

Dull skin is another one of unpleasant effects of sleep deprivation.?If you don?t get enough sleep, it will definitely have a major impact on your skin. Over a period of time, a lack of sleep will cause your arteries to become unhealthy and that will lead to not enough blood getting to your skin. Let alone the detrimental effect that it will have on your risk of developing heart disease.

2. It will hasten the signs of ageing

Effects of sleep deprivation also include accelerated ageing.?Not getting enough sleep will increase inflation in the skin, which will in turn speed up the ageing process. Your skin will be more prone to wrinkles and roughness and other skin conditions, such as rosacea, are more likely to occur.

3. You won?t be so inclined to smile

A bright smile is possibly any girl?s best asset. If you are tired, you will be far less likely to stun people with that beautiful smile. Let?s face it; who wants to smile when they feel more like going back to bed?!

4. You will get dark circles under your eyes

Of course, effects of sleep deprivation don?t stop there, and another one of them are dark circles under eyes.?You can conceal them, you can even apply cucumber to help remove them, but it would be far better if you never got them! One of the main causes of dark circles under the eyes is a simple lack of sleep. Get some decent shuteye and you won?t need to look for cures for dark circles under the eyes.

5. You won?t feel like working out?

This is a kind of roundabout way that a lack of sleep will affect your looks but it is true nonetheless. If you don?t get enough sleep, there is no way that you will have the energy to work out. This is bound to have an effect on your fitness levels and, ultimately, how you look.

6. Simple: the more sleep you get, the more attractive you look

A 2010 study, published in the British Medical Journal, found that people looked significantly more attractive after a good eight hours sleep. Sleep deprivation simply doesn?t make you look good!

7. Sleep reduces wrinkles

Effects?of sleep deprivation also include increased wrinkles.?When we sleep, we sweat more and this actually reduces wrinkles in the skin. The moisture on the skin, overnight, smoothes out lines in the skin and makes them less noticeable. The recommendation from experts is that everybody should get, at least, seven hours of sleep every night.

8. Not getting enough sleep causes you to eat all the wrong things

It?s not just your appetite that a lack of sleep causes; it also makes you crave all the wrong types of food. When you are tired, your body will start telling you need more energy and that means more fat and sugar, which you don?t really need.