#LifeStyle: Ladies, Run Away When You See A Guy That Does These 9 Things

1) He can?t control his temper

Does he like to throw things, hit the wall and shout when he is angry? Well, this kind of attitude is totally unacceptable and means that you should carefully reconsider your presence in this relationship. What kind of life do you want to live in the future: a life of happiness and harmony or a life of stresses and fights? It?s totally up to you?

2) If he puts you down

How does your boyfriend make you feel? Does he encourage you in everything you do and showers you with compliments? Or does he try to put you down, questions your weight and criticizes your clothing style? Well, Mr Right will always be on your side, just like the bestest of friends do?If your current date tries to crush your self worth and self esteem, probably, it?s time to consider the escape.

3) He is always right!

Well this is what Mr Wrong, usually, thinks of himself, he is always right! Don?t even try to criticize him, he will always find ways to make you understand that the fault is yours. Do you want to spend the rest of your life with this kind of person?

4)?He doesn?t like, nor accepts your friends and loved ones

How does your boyfriend treat your parents and friends? Does he criticize them and puts them down? Does he want you to cut all the contact with people you love? Well, if he fails to accept people you cherish, probably, he is just not right for you.

5) He?s lying to you

If you catch your boyfriend in lies, it?s a bad sign! Well, just think about it, how can you ever trust or build a solid relationship with someone who fails to tell the truth? If he lies about ?little? things, then, what can stop him from lying about ?bigger? ones?

6) He doesn?t encourage your growth

Mr Wrong won?t encourage your talents expansion and growth. On the contrary, he will suppress them! If you love painting, playing piano or dancing, Mr Wrong will try to make you give up on your interests. Your soulmate, on the other hand, will make you and all your talents and interests blossom.

7) He threatens you and forces you to do things his way

In a harmonious and happy couple two people talk, discuss things and agree. In a wrong type of relationship, one person dominates the other. If your boyfriend tries to force you to do things his way, without asking your opinion or, if he?threatens to go back to an ex if you don?t do things that he wants ? this is, definitely, unhealthy and wrong. It?s better to run away!

8) He is flirtatious with other girls

Do you notice your boyfriend?s flirtations with other girls? Does he try to be charming with every lady he meets? Well, your true love will never try to hurt you this way, therefore, think?may be it?s a sign to move on?

9) He puts you down in front of other people

Does your boyfriend embarrass you, calls you names and makes fun of you in public? This is another distinctive sign of Mr Wrong?s attitude. Make sure not to accept his manipulative attempts to control you and let go of this relationship.

Well, now, if you recognize some of these signs, then you, definitely, dating Mr Wrong. It?s time to change direction and move on!

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