Healthy Living: 9 Things You Shouldn’t Do Before Bed

Healthy Living: 9 Things You Shouldn’t Do Before Bed

Healthy Living: 9 Things You Shouldn't Do Before Bed

1. Stare Deeply Into Your Electronics

We all know not to do it, so here’s your gentle reminder: stop using electronics before bed. This includes watching TV, texting, checking social media, scrolling the internet, etc. They stimulate the mind, keeping you awake.

2. Turn Up The Heat

I understand the desire to make your apartment extra cozy before bed. But turning up the heat can actually make falling asleep more difficult.

3. Snack On Fatty Foods

Avoid these snacks late in the day, and you’ll successfully get thyself some sleep.

4. Sip On Caffeinated Beverages

You might not drink coffee right before bed, but keep in mind other beverages have caffeine, too. Tea is a good example. Same goes for some sodas.

5. Get Yourself In A Convo

Once you’ve decided it’s time for bed, start to end ongoing text convos.

6. Try To Resolve Fights

If you’re arguing with your SO, it’s very noble to try to make amends before bed. But if it ain’t happening, don’t force it. Resolving things prematurely — just so you “don’t go to bed angry” — often means skimming over the problem.

7. Hit Up The Gym

Exercise is a great way to get better sleep. And yet, if you do intense cardio right before bed, it can do just the opposite.

8. Stress Out About Life
Something like yoga, meditation, mantras, or something along these lines to relax and center you, as this promotes sleep.

9. Check Your Work Email

Unless you want to stress yourself out, don’t check work emails before bed. Checking in with the office too late at night is more likely to make you nervous or agitated, or fill your mind with things you’ll need to do in the morning.