Must Read: 4 Sleeping Positions You Should Avoid

Must Read: 4 Sleeping Positions You Should Avoid
10 Simple ways to get a good night sleep

Sleeping on the left side

Sleeping on the left will help reduce your heartburn symptoms, but it also can put a lot pressure on your other internal organs including your lungs, liver, and stomach. Also sleeping on the left can help minimize acid reflux.
Most pregnant women are advised by their doctors to sleep on the left side since this improves blood flow, which is good for both mother and baby.

Sleeping on Your Back, Arms at Your Sides

This position is probably best for you if you have spinal or back trouble. It can also help ease neck tension, provided you aren’t propping yourself up with several pillows.
Now, most people tend to snore more when they are on their back, so those with sleep apnea are advised to avoid this position.

Sleeping on Your Back, Arms Up

This position is also good for you back. Also, people who sleep on their backs develop fewer wrinkles, as there is no pressure on the face.
Again, this is not a good position for those who snore or those with sleep apnea.
Also, if you sleep long periods without moving, you might find that this position can put pressure on your shoulders, causing them to “fall asleep” and be stiff in the morning.

Sleeping on your Stomach

Although this position can enhance your digestion, there is always that little problem about breathing!
Most people will be forced to move their face to one direction or the other, and this puts considerable stress on the neck and back.
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