#LifeStyle: 5 Things You Need To Know About 1-Night-Stand

Most people, especially ladies expects more from one night stand, read what you should expect and not expect below

This Is Not Going To Become A Relationship

One night stands do not turn into relationships in real life. Those expectations from the movies are fantasies that you need to get rid of. It?s meant to be a night of fun, and passion. However, make sure you remain safe with any guy you?re thinking about having that one night stand with.
It Doesn?t Ease The Feelings

You expect your feelings for your ex to go away after that one night. This isn?t going to happen in reality. It?s like treating the symptoms of an illness. You?re not getting to the root of the problem, so the feelings for your ex-boyfriend are still going to be there. If you?re going into the one night stand with the expectation of getting over your ex, don?t bother. You?ll just end up feeling guilty and annoyed that it didn?t work.
There Will Be Mistakes And Bumpy Moments

When you see a night of passion in the movies, it?s so seamless. Nothing goes wrong, and the couple is in sync with movements. You want that with your one night stand, but it is not going to happen. You will have a bumpy ride, things do get broken (and usually not the things you don?t mind about), and you will both make mistakes as you anticipate the other to do something. Expect it. This isn?t a perfect romantic night.

You Will Bump Into Each Other

Depending on where you met, there are chances you will bump into each other. You could end up finding each other on Facebook, or you may even work in the same building. You need to work out how to act casually after this and go back to being the civil people you were beforehand. Don?t act like the giggling school girl and try not to purposely avoid him. You will end up giving the game away. If he starts to bother you, explain to him politely what you want to happen now.

The Doubts Will Start

It?s very common for the doubts to start the next morning. Your life isn?t going to fall into place. You?ll be worried about STDs, pregnancy and people realising that you just had a one night stand. The best way to avoid any issues is to be safe during the one night stand, and avoid Doctor Google afterwards!