#LifeStyle: 4 Best Types Of Kisses



It is weird to some people that kisses have types, but there are over 15 types of kissing, check the best 4 below

1. The earlobe nibble

Let?s start off gently, with a tantalising nibble on his earlobe. This can be good for both genders, but surprise him with this show of intimacy and it will drive him crazy.

2. The Eskimo or nose kiss

Not strictly a kiss, but it works for the Eskimos, and your man will love it too. Gently rubbing noses, with your eyes closed is such an innocent and almost childish thing, but it will really show your love for one another.

3. The kiss on the jaw line

Always a favourite with the guys, kiss him gently on the jaw and work your way up from there. Why?s it a favourite? No idea, but it works!

4. The Spidey kiss

Make your man feel like a superhero and give him the Spiderman kiss. Basically, it?s an upside down kiss, but it?s a lot ?easier if you lie down, rather than ask him to hang upside down from a small rope. But remember, with great power comes great responsibility!