Five Reasons You Should Never Be A Doormat

Five Reasons You Should Never Be A Doormat

Five Reasons You Should Never Be A Doormat

Some people think that they have to say yes to everyone’s request, even when it’s not convenient. Some other people live a life of putting every other person’s needs before theirs and believe that they are going to be loved for it. Some people agree with everything that everyone around them says just to keep the peace. Some think that loving someone means that you never point out their wrong deeds or let them know when you are offended or displeased. Some people refuse to pursue their dreams, marry the person they love, move to another city, accept that dream job, or be themselves because their family, or friends or someone they claim to love is not happy about it.

If you doing one or more of the things mentioned above you are behaving like a doormat and there is a high probability that you are dissatisfied, miserable or bitter.

Research has shown that people who are habitual pleasers, do not know how to say no or behave like doormats in any way are usually bitter and unhappy.It has also been discovered that many who engage in denying and sacrificing themselves in a way that is unhealthy, usually end up overwhelmed , under-appreciated and may eventually over-react in such a way that the destroys the very relationship they are trying to keep

It is to our own benefit and that of our loved to always maintain balance.

Here are five reasons you should stop living like a doormat:

It does not make anyone to love you more

Nobody will love you more for reducing yourself, or failing to be your true self in order to please others. Most times, doormats only get taken for granted and sometimes times their loved ones, knowingly and unknowingly, find it easy to walk away from them because they have become un-stimulating or because they feel they can return any time they feel.

Being a doormat is living a life of fear and insecurity and those things kill relationships and do not allow them to flourish.

You may become despised

Sometimes people come to hate people who martyr themselves for other people because they believe they are pretenders. Others may despise them because they see them as trying to present themselves as better than others.

It attracts predators

Doormat behaviour attracts emotional and physical predators; it opens you more to the possibility of user friends, romantic interest from men and women who are abusive, manipulative and are out for what they can get.

Even when you are friends with nice and honest people, doormat behaviour that never asks for or protests anything may turn them to users with knowing because you act like anything is fine with you.

It does not improve relationships

Conflict, honest discussions and honest demands help to balance, strengthen and improve behaviour in relationships.

When you pretend and behave like a fool, you rob people of the opportunity to benefit from your correction, your perspective and your capacity to challenge them to be better.

Doormat behaviour may just make the people around you worse and even lose them opportunities because you refuse to point out what you needed to.

It can kill you

The pain, secret bitterness and anger that come with behaving like a doormat can affect your health. If you are in a physically abusive relationship, you may just kill yourself by putting up with all that battering.